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Chapters 41-43

We are back! Yes, back with a mini mass release of Flash Marriage. We wish you have a happy X’mas with your family and friends and enjoy a blessed coming change in the year. So far, Jiang Li and Guan Xiao Yan are quite happy to experience it for the first time since they married.

Are any of you readers also having a double celebration? A birthday and a Christmas celebration? Haha, have fun! Only a week left until the countdown towards the end of the year. Enjoy.

Chapter 41

Chapter 42

Chapter 43

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Flash Marriage 40.2

Hello, it has been a while. Yes, a bit of three months and 9 days since the last translations. We are in fact quite guilty for the late release. However, please note that we are students. Top academic achievement is not an easy task. We are only borderline amidst the other high achieving students who are working in labs along research professors. So, we have to breakthrough with other factors to make ourself stand out.

Naturally, we will be coming back although it will not be often. I hope you guys can still wait patiently for us. Thank you to those who are extremely supportive and loyal to this translation website. Lychee here is very grateful to the readers.

Lastly, there will be quite a bit of mistake in this chapter. It is unedited. I apologize for that. Here is the final part of chapter 40. You will find out what happened to Jiang Li’s birthday event. Guan Xiao Yan is too funny and Jiang Li is throwing a childish fit. Well then, I am heading back to my lab report about friction and coefficients of static and kinetic! Until next time.

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Flash Marriage 39.2


Hi! This is Lychee here. I thank Pomme for putting up chapter 39.1 yesterday and helped to translate the first half of it. Life is busy and soon eventually you start losing motivation. The three of us have talked many times what we should do in the future and decided that we can’t end things halfway. We will finish this project, however, it will be on and off. It will not be updated frequently until unless we are FREE! Like I mean so free we got nothing to do besides hitting flies. Okay, I take back that bad pun.

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Flash Marriage 37

Hello~ We are finally back from our short… *cough cough* (long) hiatus! After not translating for such a long time, I feel as though laziness has slowly devoured me. Jujube and Pomme are busy with their stuff and same for me I am busy with my stuff. BUT FEAR NOT OUR READERS! WE ARE BACK! Okay, that is enough ranting. Here it is.

P.S. We will have a new schedule change to a chapter a week. The chapter will be full long ones and will not be cut in half.

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Regarding Our Absence.

So many of you guys have been asking if we have dropped this translation. The answer is no. We have not dropped it. We are currently on a short hiatus due to some important exams we need to prepare for in May. After it, we will be back with a ton of new releases so please be patient and wait for it. It is not decided when we will be back, however, we will surely be ready to shoot out the translated chapters around the middle to the end of May. Thank you for being concerned for your almost daily dose of chapters and we will be back! 🙂

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Flash Marriage 35

Another surprise update for today! And this concludes the week of release. Recently due to many exams and homework, we will be unavailable to translate much until our weekends. These two chapters will then be it. Thanks for the understanding! \(^○^)人(^○^)/

Wait, before you go….we have a request page on our site. Be it abandoned projects or new, we will accept anything*. Our next project might not necessarily be from the four we have chosen. If there are better, we are always going for those with better juicy plots. Send us a request to your choice or liking!

*We will consider the requests.